Electromagnetic Locks

We are authorized distributor for ALGATEC locks, Malaysia, a renowned brand name in security locks in the local and global market since 2003. For higher usability, the locks are tailored with enhanced lock status monitoring (LSM) and door status monitoring (DSM) sensors to enable remote monitoring. ALGATEC locks are specifically designed with an emphasis on high-performance, reliability and robustness, thus making it durable even in high-traffic environments, and as well as outdoors or harsh environments. Electromagnetic Locks are suited for interior doors, perimeter exit doors and entrances that require failsafe emergency release capability

Single EM Locks 

  • Monitored and Unmonitored
  • 600, 1200 Lbs Models
  • 12 V or 12/24V selectable
  • With Magnetic Contact or Reed Switch
  • With Time Delay and Buzzer features
  • Suitable for Inswing and Out-swing doors
  • Various Bracket options
  • UL Listed and non-UL Listed models

Double EM Locks

  • Monitored and Unmonitored
  • 600 X 2, 1200 x 2 Lbs
  • 12 V or 12/24V selectable
  • Monitored type with built-in bond sensor
  • Various Bracket options
  • UL Listed and non-UL Listed models

Mortise Mount Locks –

  • 600 , 1200 Lbs
  • LSM (Lock Status Monitoring)
  • Monitored type with built-in reed switch
  • 12 / 24V (selectable type)
  • Designed to meet fire/life safety applications
  • No moving parts to bind or wear out

Shear Lock

  • In-swing/Out-swing door/Double action door
  • Adjustable door status position for improved security
  • Voltage:12V/24VDC (Automatic)
  • Holding Force: 1200LBS
  • Signal: Lock status sensor (Hall),Timer
  • Built-in voltage spike suppressor

Drop bolt Locks

  • Electric Drop bolt
  • Single Voltage: 12Vdc
  • Fail Safe. Locked when energized, with magnetic induction
  • Door Status Signal NC Output
  • LED Indicator light show lock status only
  • With Time Delay Function

Waterproof Locks

  • 600, 800, 1200, 1500 Lbs Locks
  • 12/24V selectable
  • Monitored type with built-in reed switch
  • With Stainless Steel Housing

Strike Locks

  • Stainless steel plate
  • Site convertible Fail Secure or Fail-Safe Models
  • 12 or 24VDC
  • Short and long face plate models